One-thousand-Dollar Federal Reserve Notes serie of 1928 Green Seal Fr.2210E

One-thousand-Dollar Federal Reserve Notes serie of 1928 Green Seal Fr.2210E

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$1,000 bill has President Cleveland on the front and "The United States of America" printed on the back.

Last printed in 1940s, the one thousand dollar bill notes were mostly used to transactions between banks, not people.

A little over 1.1 million 1928 $1000 Federal Reserve notes were printed and there are estimated to be about 68,000 still in existence today. So this is a relatively common one-thousand dollar bill.

All 12 federal reserve banks issued this note. Notes issued from the Federal Reserve Banks of Atlanta, Boston, Dallas, Kansas City, and San Francisco are very rare and much more valuable.

Federal Reserve Notes Series of 1928

Small size notes  Green seal One thousand-dollar federal reserve notes

(6.14 length × 2.61 width× 0.0043 in thickness = 156 × 66.3 × 0.11 mm)

 Federal Reserve Notes Series of 1928

No. Issuing Bank Signature Quantity Printed
F-2210A Boston Woods  Mellon 58,320
F-2210A* Boston Woods  Mellon 360
F-2210B New York Woods Mellon 139,200
F-2210B* New York
Woods  Mellon
F-2210C Philadelphia Woods  Mellon 96,708
F-2210C* Philadelphia
Woods  Mellon
F-2210D Cleveland Woods  Mellon 79,680
F-2210D* Cleveland
Woods  Mellon
F-2210E Richmond Woods  Mellon 66,840
F-2210E* Richmond
Woods  Mellon
F-2210F Atlanta Woods  Mellon 47,400
F-2210F* Atlanta Woods   Mellon 360
F-2210G Chicago Woods   Mellon 355,800
F-2210G* Chicago Woods   Mellon
F-2210H St. Louis Woods   Mellon 60,000
F-2210H* St. Louis
Woods  Mellon
F-2210I Minneapolis Woods   Mellon 26,640
F-2210I* Minneapolis Woods   Mellon
F-2210J Kansas City Woods   Mellon 62,172
F-2210J* Kansas City Woods   Mellon 360
F-2210K Dallas Woods   Mellon 42,960
F-2210K* Dallas Woods   Mellon 360
F-2210L San Francisco Woods   Mellon 67,920
F-2210L* San Francisco Woods  Mellon 360


Portrait of Grover Cleveland

These are replicas of actual bills, printed on high quality 100% cotton paper. They are ideal for framing as you can display both sides at the same time.   Each side is printed on a seperate sheet to comply with Federal law.


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