One-Dollar Note serie of 1935-A Brown Seal, Hawaii Silver Certificate Fr.2300

One-Dollar Note serie of 1935-A Brown Seal, Hawaii Silver Certificate Fr.2300

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Printed for use in Hawaii after the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, this Series 1935A $1 silver certificates has black overprints of hawaii running vertically at the left and right portions of the face, as well as prominently across the back. 

The intent of the overprints was to easily distinguish US currency captured by Japanese forces in the event of an invasion of Hawaii and render the bills worthless.

Series 1935A $1 Hawaii silver certificates tend to come on dark paper. Even choice uncirculated notes can appear darker than normal. That is standard for the series. 

Face of Fr-2300 with HAWAII overprinted at the left and right ends and with Treasury seal and serial numbers in brown

Back of Fr-2300 with large HAWAII overprint

Paper Money Grading Guide 1935A $1  silver certificates Brown Seal Fr.2300






No. Serie Quantity Printed
F-2300 1935-A
F-2300* 1935-A 204,000


Small size notes

(6.14 length × 2.61 width× 0.0043 in thickness = 156 × 66.3 × 0.11 mm)


In 1928, all currency was changed to the size which is familiar today "small size notes". The first one-dollar bills were issued as silver certificates under Series of 1928.


Portrait of Washington

These are replicas of actual bills, printed on high quality 100% cotton paper. They are ideal for framing as you can display both sides at the same time.   Each side is printed on a seperate sheet to comply with Federal law, Larger than the actual note.