One-Dollar Note serie of 1928 Blue Seal Silver Certificate Fr.1600

One-Dollar Note serie of 1928 Blue Seal Silver Certificate Fr.1600

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The first one-dollar bills small size notes were issued as silver certificates under Series of 1928The Treasury seal and serial numbers were dark blue. These are commonly known as " Funnybacks" due to the rather odd-looking "ONE" on the reverse. These were the first notes to be called funnybacks. The reason they are called funnybacks is because of the unique design on the back of the bill. Blue seal

Small size notes

(6.14 length × 2.61 width× 0.0043 in thickness = 156 × 66.3 × 0.11 mm)

 Silver Certificates Series of 1928 to 1928-E Blue seal

No. Series Signature Quantity Printed
F-1600 1928 Tate Mellon 638,296,908
F-1600 * 1928 Tate Mellon
F-1601 1928-A Woods Mellon 2,267,809,500
F-1601* 1928-A Woods  Mellon
F-1602 1928-B Woods  Mills 674,597,808
F-1602* 1928-B Woods  Mills
F-1603 1928-C Woods Woodin 5,364,348
F-1603* 1928-C Woods Woodin
F-1604 1928-D Julian  Woodin 14,451,372
F-1604* 1928-D Julian  Woodin
F-1605 1928-E Julian Morgenthau 3,519,324
F-1605* 1928-E Julian Morgenthau


Portrait of Washington

These are replicas of actual bills, printed on high quality 100% cotton paper. They are ideal for framing as you can display both sides at the same time.   Each side is printed on a seperate sheet to comply with Federal law.


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