1862 $1 Large Size Legal Tender Note Fr-16

1862 $1 Large Size Legal Tender Note Fr-17d

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1862 $1 Large Size Legal Tender Note Fr-17D

Portrait of Treasury Secetary Salmon P. Chase.“National Bank Note Company" imprinted twice above lower border: Printed Treasury signatures ofChittenden and Spinner. “Patented April 23rd 1860” at lower left refers to tbe National Bank Note Co. patent for tbe security overprint.

Paper Money Grading Guide 1862 $1 Large Size Legal Tender Note Fr-17D












No. Signature
F-16 Chittenden Spinner
F-16a Chittenden Spinner
F-16b Chittenden Spinner
F-16c Chittenden Spinner
F-17 Chittenden Spinner
F-17a Chittenden Spinner
F-17b Chittenden Spinner
F-17c Chittenden Spinner
F-17d Chittenden Spinner


Legal Tender Notes

Legal Tender Notes, as they are generally called, were mostly imprinted with "United States Note" at the border. These were born of necessity for, after December 28, 1861, gold coins disappeared from circulation, and a widely accepted paper-money medium was needed, to replace the circulating Demand Notes payable in gold. Going into 1862, it was not clear which side would win the Civil War. 

Large-Size Notes 

$1 Legal Tender Notes (United States Notes),Large-Size.Even though these were the first $1 notes issued, they did not make their appearance until the second issue of Legal Tender Notes, which consisted only of $1 and $2 denominations. Series of 1862 issues are recognizable by ornate patterns on the face:in the center,at the upper right, and most notably at the bottom right where the signatures are located (the “Patented April 23rd 1860" statement on the note refers to this design).


Replica Bill

These are replicas of actual bills, printed on high quality 100% cotton paper. They are ideal for framing as you can display both sides at the same time.   Each side is printed on a seperate sheet to comply with Federal law, Larger (10 3/4" x 4 3/4") than the actual note.